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[Diagram and photo of a stirling engine]

New NASA Administrator Sean O`Keefe inspects two operating Stirling convertors during his first visit to GRC on January 24th, 2002 [Thumbnail of NASA Administrator Sean O`Keefe]
VIPs Tour Dynamic Power - from left to right in the foreground: Senator John Glenn, GRC Center Director Donald Campbell, NASA Administrator Sean O`Keefe, John Dunning (6900), Jeff Schreiber (5490), and 5400 Chief Valerie Lyons. On the Right, a mock up of a Brayton engine, and two operating Stirling convertors [Thumbnail of  VIPs Touring Dynamic Power]
Administrator O`Keefe balances a nickel on one of the operating low vibration Stirling convertors [Thumbnail of  Administrator O`Keefe balancing a nickel on one of the Stirling convertors]

GRC has actively been involved with Stirling technology for over 25 years including large free-piston engines, small free-piston radioisotope systems, automotive kinematic engines, and component technologies. Current 5490 activity focuses on free-piston Stirling convertors for deep space missions:

The below links are included for reference and historical information regarding past work.

[Animated internal dynamics of a Stirling engine]
Animation of a 55 We Stirling TDC
(click on image to view)

Want to see more Stirling animations? Click HERE!

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