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Teacher's Corner

How educators are using the Glenn LTP site

After seeing the site... I just (re)discovered your site today and was thrilled to find many activities that we can use in an upcoming Science Camp for middle-schoolers we will be conducting at Jefferson Davis Community College in Brewton, Alabama. The camp this year is called "It IS Rocket Science" and I have been gathering reference material for weeks. Thanks so much for having so many useful activities in one site.

How it all worked out... We just completed our Science Camp at JDCC this year. We launched model rockets for our last activity, and the kids were thrilled! This is the first year that everyone that started the camp completed it, but we only had six campers. That's OK, because that's all I have the energy for in these south Alabama summers! Plus I do all of it myself with no assistance. I just wanted you to know that we did several of the activities from the rocketry web site and most of them were very successful. I'm just glad my husband had built model rockets before, because he ended up assembling them. (Some of these kids had trouble tying knots!) But we all had a BLAST (literally). Thanks for a great website!

Lyn Gill, Ph.D.

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