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Lesson 3: Web Development (Level: Beginner) - Back to Lesson 2

HTML creation software

If you are serious about web development (design, programming, etc.), HTML is a language you should become very familiar with along with JavaScript which we will get into later. For those who just want to create simple pages and do not want to understand how HTML works, there are special software programs that let you create your web page by drag-and-click icons. This lesson will talk about the various options available to the HTML-phobic public. Keep in mind that using this software will still help you understand HTML since most of these programs allow you to view the HTML that the software program is writing for you. In addition, professionals who know HTML like "the back of their hands" also use these software programs for efficient web development.

Netscape Composer (Comes with your computer if you have Netscape)
Open up Netscape, go to the Communicator menu and select Composer. A new window will pop up and you can start creating your web page without writing any HTML code.


Microsoft FrontPage

Macromedia Dreamweaver (Go to for cost and information)
Professional web creation software: Includes template, web management tools, and javascript functionality.

Note: Some Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, etc. and other software programs from various companies include the option to save your files into an HTML format. Sometimes the HTML file they make for you is not practical due to size (big file size means slow downloading time). Check your HTML files to see if this is a problem. Some programs will actually fix the HTML file and make it more download friendly.

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