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Upper Stage Rocket Gallery

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Here are a group of rocket photos that you can use in classroom activities. All of these rockets are upper stage rockets; they are carried aloft by another rocket airplane and are then fired to put satellites into orbit. These photos were gathered by Honie Lui, of Independence High School, Independence, Ohio, in May, 2005, as part of a Senior Shadowing Project.

Photo of Agena upper stage.

Agena - upper stage used to place satellites into orbit.

Photo of Agena in Earth orbit .

Agena with docking collar for Gemini spacecraft..

Photo of Agena in Earth orbit prior to docking by Gemini VIII.

Agena docking target for Gemini VIII - first successful docking of two spacecraft.

Photo of testing of Centaur rocket engine.

Testing of Centaur rocket engine - first use of liquid hydrogen fuel.

Photo of roll out of Pegasus launcher.

Winged Pegasus rocket used to launch small satellites.

Photo of Pegasus being carried to launch by a B-52.

Pegasus is launched from a B-52.

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