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This page shows an interactive Java applet to learn how nozzle flows behave by varying the individual flow variables.

This program is being developed for the ARMD Fundamental Aero Hi-Speed Program. It uses the classic Method of Characteristics (MOC) technique to design a jet nozzle and analzye the internal flow field, the plume, and the external flow near the nozzle exit. It can then determinine the interactions between these three flow fields. We are making it available for beta testing among the nozzle team members.

The code is constantly being modified and upgraded .. so there are lots of bugs in the code. It is not to be used for anything until we have identified and corrected the bugs .. and added all of the appropriate bells and whistles. There is currently a verion of this webpage that includes a "User's Manual" that describes the meanings of all the variables used in the program.

Version 1.15c includes some fixes to the first released version (1.15b). This version calculates the average exit pressure, temperature, Mach number, velocity and divergence angle for non-uniform analysis cases.

You can download the program to your computer by clicking on this yellow button:

Button to Download a Copy of the Program

With the downloaded version, you can run the program off-line and do not have to be connected to the Internet.

There is also a Java applications version of the code that is now available. This version of the program allows reading and writing of restart files, so that you can save your work from day to day. This program requires the user to download and install the Java Developer's Kit (JDK) from Oracle.

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