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Contributors to FoilSim



The production and maintenance of FoilSim involves the work and skills of a large number of people.

The original FoilSim I program was developed by Tom Benson, a research scientist in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Systems Division, NASA Glenn Research Center; John Eigenauer, when employed by RMS Technologies and now Technology Coordinator for the Lorain City School System; and Roger Storm, Science Department Chairman at Fairview Park High School.

FoilSim I was converted to the PC Windows operating system by Bruce Bream of NASA Glenn Research Center. FoilSim I was converted to Java as an applet and an application by Darryl Palmer of DataSol Consulting.

FoilSim I was a product of the NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) and was extensively tested by Carol Galica of Thigpen and Associates; Ruth Petersen of Integral Systems; Susan Martin-Vorndran of RSIS; and Beth Lewandowski, the manager of the Glenn LTP. This team also created the User's Manual for FoilSim I.

FoilSim I was beta tested by members of Explorer Scout Post 630:

  • Julie Dudek, NASA-Advisor
  • Judy VanZante, Dynacs-NASA-Advisor
  • Dale VanZante, Iowa State-NASA-Advisor
  • David Larkin, NASA-Advisor
  • Amita Danak, Parma Sr. HS
  • Damen Forte, Cleveland Hts. HS
  • Phil Jones, Home Schooled
  • Brad Klipan, Cuyahoga Hts. HS
  • Cheryl Pokrywka, Magnificat HS
  • Sonal Shah, Magnificat HS
  • Rayshawn Williams, Villa Angela St. Joseph HS

The FoilSim II applet was created by Tom Benson and adds some new features to the basic FoilSim I, including a computer model of the Martian atmosphere. The information used in the model was gathered by Jonathon Donadee of Canfield (Ohio) Middle School during a cyber-mentoring program in 1999. The data was curve fit to produce equations by Dave Hiltner of St. John's Jesuit High School as part of a shadowing program in May 1999.

FoilSim II is being "cyber-beta tested" by users on the World Wide Web. Recent modifications were made to the code based on suggestions/comments from:

  • Katie Schwarz, a Ph.D. Candidate in Physics, UC Berkeley, in Mar 00
  • Monta Elkins, Computer Systems Senior Engineer, Virginia Tech, in Apr 00
  • Philip Schmidt, Supervisor, Pratt & Whitney Customer Training Center, East Hartford, Conn., in Aug 00
  • Winstone Jordaan, South Africa, in Sept 00
  • Garry Sedun, President, ASA Automation Systems, BC, Canada, in Sept 00
  • Michael Ross, Consulting Microwave Radio Engineer, M.Eng., Montreal, Canada, in Nov 00
  • Yves Martin, Mechanical Engineer, Klein Associates Inc., Salem, NH, in Nov 00
  • Christopher Dundorf, Mechanical Engineer, Klein Associates Inc., Salem, NH, in Nov 00
  • Usama Afana, Mechanical Engineer, Harlan Corporation, Kansas City, KS, in Feb 01

FoilSim III was developed by a team led by Tom Benson during the summer of 2010. The work was supported by the Educational Programs Office with Carol Galica as project manager. FoilSim III takes the basic FoilSim II and adds the drag of airfoils, cylinder and ball. Drag for the airfoils was acquired experimentally for a family of Joukowsky and elliptical foils. The foils were produced by Rob Grimaldi from Kent State University and Anthony Vila of Vanderbilt University. The foils were tested in a small Pitsco wind tunnel by Grimaldi, Vila, and Kyle Kutsko of Solon High School. Vila created curve fits for the data that was then included in FoilSim II to produce FoilSim III. Classic curves for the drag of a smooth cylinder and a smooth ball were also added by Vila. Benson then added the drag curves for a golf ball and rough ball and modified the coding to access the various plots and input variables.


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