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Welcome to Nathan Hale Middle School

3588 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Cleveland Ohio 44105
(216) 641-4485



Nathan Hale is a Middle School in the Cleveland Public School Schools. We are located near 110th and Union. This school year, 1996, we have grades 6, 7, and 8 for the first time. Our principal is Mrs. Barzella Canady.

Our extracurricular activities include girls volleyball and boys soccer for fall sports. For winter we will have boys and girls basketball and in the spring we will have boys and girls track. Other activities include cheerleading, drill team, choir, chess club and newspaper club.

Academics are important at Nathan Hale. We have the National Junior Honor Society to recognize students who demonstate specific qualities including at least a 3.0 average.

At Nathan Hale we provide extra help for our students to improve their skills for the Ninth Grade Proficiency Test given in March for the Eighth graders. Our Eighth graders take a proficiency class and a computer class to help practice the skills needed for the Reading, Writing, Math, Citizenship and Science tests. All our teachers have had five inservices during the 95-96 school year to help them develop ways to improve the math skills of our students. We found that during Homeroom we often have a few minutes of unstructured time. That would be better spent practicing our math skills. Measurement is one the weakest parts for many students. For suggestions to use in your classes click