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Before man travels into interstellar space or lands on another alien planet he will need to travel to a much closer place, the Moon. The Moon offers many benefits in practicing for longer missions in space and can teach us much about how to survive in hostile climates. With a landing on Mars in our near future, man will once again have to travel the near reaches of space and find a nearby haven, the Moon.

This project is an interdisciplinary study of the Moon and the history of man’s exploration of the world around him and how knowledge has been the fuel that has sparked man’s determination to explore. It is also about the future and what it will take for man to continue to be a discoverer, explorer, and colonizer of far flung worlds. After all, space is just another ocean that we must cross in order to arrive at distant destinations yet to be discovered by us.

Overview of the Project:

The first goal of the project is for students to first realize the impetus that drives man to discover, explore, and colonize new worlds. The second goal is to recognize the scientific developments that led us into space. Next students will need to understand the hazardous environment of space and the need for scientists to recreate the conditions that allow us to survive on Earth in space. Finally students will develop a working moon base with all of the subsequent life support systems. Students are responsible for researching, writing, thinking, creating, and ultimately presenting their portion of the moon base.

Phase One:Expanding Horizons

Phase One of the project will introduce scientists past and present, epic voyages of discovery, and open our eyes to the ways in which discoveries in science fuel these great voyages of discovery, exploration, and colonization.

Phase Two: Into the Void

Phase Two of the project will introduce the scientists who created space travel, and the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to get into space and eventually reach the moon.

Phase Three:Spaceship Earth

Phase Three of the project will focus on Earth as our spacship which travels the universe and it will focus on the need to duplicate our Earth's environment in other places.

Phase Four: Moonbase Alpha Project

Phase Four of the project will require students to construct various life support systems for a lunar base.

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