Sh-h-h-h, Dealing with Airport Noise


  1. Using your web browser, research low bypass turbofans. Find out why they present a problem.


     Answers will vary.


  2. On the map of the Los Angeles area, identify the 6 airports in and around Los Angeles. Name them:

     Answers will vary.


  3. On the map of the Tokyo area, identify the 3 airports in Tokyo. Name them:

     Answers will vary.


  4. Based on your research of airport noise:

    Which airport in Los Angeles has the best location?  Answers will vary.

    Which airport in Tokyo has the best location? Answers will vary.


  5. Assume that you work for the Airport Authority in Los Angeles or Tokyo. Prepare a computer presentation on airport noise and NASA's High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT). Convince other members on the committee that it is important to locate the HSCT at the airport of your choice.

     Answers will vary.


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