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Beginner's Guide to Propulsion

Turbojet Thrust

1. What is another name for a jet engine?_______________

2. In the Turbojet Thrust diagram, the free stream air enters which engine part first?__________________

3. The air then flows into the ________________.

4. A compressor acts like rows of ___________________.

5. A compressor also acts like an electric _____________.

6. After you have completed your pinwheel, blow on it. Where is the best place to direct the air to make it turn?___________________________

7. Turn the fan on to the lowest speed and hold the pinwheel in front of it. What happens to the pinwheel? _______________________________________________________________________

8. What happens to the movement of the pinwheel when the fan is turned off? ____________________

9. What happens to the movement of the pinwheel when the fan is turned to a higher speed?_____________________________________________________________________________________

10. Turn the fan on and direct the air flow from it toward your hand. Describe what you feel.____________________________________________________________________________________________

11. Write a sentence describing what the compressor does to the air in a turbojet.________________________________________________________________________________________

12. Describe what happens in the burner.________________________________________________________

13. How is the action of the turbine like the action of your pinwheel?___________________________________

14. Comparing the pinwheel to the turbine, what do you think happens to the speed at which the turbine spins as the speed of the air increases? _________________

15. Trace the flow of air through the turbojet engine by listing its components in order.__________________________________________________________________________________________

16. What important result is created by each of the following things happening?

turbine turns ___________________________________

compressor turns ___________________________________

hot gases leave the engine ___________________________________

fuel is burned ___________________________________