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Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law

  1. Volume is directly proportional to the temperature means......
    Student should recognize that if either V or T increases, the other will also, and vice versa.

  2. If T = 1000 K, and V = 10 cu. m., what does C equal?
    C = .01

  3. Using that value for C, find:
    a. V, when T = 1,1000 K
    b. V, when T = 1200 K
    c. V, when T = 800 K
    d. V, when T = 1,400 K

    a) V = 11 cu. meters

    b) V = 12 cu. meters

    c) V = 8 cu. meters

    d) V = 14 cu. meters


  4. Plot these points on a graph, or use a graphing calculator. Describe the graph.
    The graph should have a positive slope. Student should also describe how he/she has labeled the axes.

  5. Open the animated version of Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law slide. How does your graph compare to the graph shown here?
    The graphs should both have positive slopes. Steepness will depend on scale.

  6. Use your graph to find:
    a. V, when T = 2,000 K
    b. V, when T = 600 K
    c. T, when V = 15 cu. m.
    d. T, when V = 3 cu. m.

    a) V should be about 20 cu. meters

    c) T should be about 1500 K

    b) V should be about 6 cu. meters

    d) T should be about 300 K

  7. Now check your answers for problems 3 and 6 by using the ratio V/T = C. Were they the same?
    Answers should be very close, as this is just a different version of V = CT.

  8. Take a look at your answer to question 1. Does your graph agree with that answer? Why or why not?
    Answers will be different for each student.

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