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Beginner's Guide to Propulsion and EngineSim
Fuel and Air Relationships

Subject Area: Physics
Grade Level: 11-12
National Standards:

  • Science as Inquiry: Understanding about scientific inquiry.
  • Physical Science: Motions and forces.
  • Science and Technology: Understandings about science and technology.


  • Technology research tools - use content-specific tools, software and simulations to support learning and research.
  • Technology research tools - select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems.


After reading the explanation given below, use EngineSim and information found on the World Wide Web to complete the activity on the relationship between the atmosphere and jet fuel. You will discover how much air is required to pass through a jet engine in order to effectively burn fuel.

EngineSim, which was created at NASA Glenn Research Center to illustrate an example of their research, simulates the aero-thermodynamics of a jet turbine engine. With this software you can learn about different types of jet engines and how they work. You can change the operating conditions and even design your own turbine engine. EngineSim is intended for science and math students from secondary schools through undergraduate engineering. In some parts of the package, there are problems that you must solve using EngineSim. In other parts, you are free to experiment. EngineSim is a Java applet which you can also download from the World Wide Web at EngineSim Download. The Beginner's Guide to Propulsion, a NASA Web site that helps you better understand aircraft engine propulsion, can be used as a reference.


You, or you and your partner(s), will be evaluated on your understanding of physics concepts and how they apply to propulsion.


You will be able to use EngineSim and the Beginner's Guide to Propulsion to help you understand the activity on fuel and air relationships.

Submitted by: Patrick J. Kelley, Medina County Career Center, Medina, Ohio

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