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Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulations - MAPSS, C-MAPSS, C-MAPSS40k

The Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation (MAPSS) is a flexible turbofan engine simulation environment that provides easy access to health, control, and engine parameters through a graphical user interface (GUI). The key function of MAPSS is to provide the user with a graphical simulation environment in which to develop advanced control and diagnostic algorithms and quickly test them on a generic turbofan engine simulation. MAPSS can be used to generate state-space linear models, from which the user may create a piecewise linear controller. MAPSS can also run transient simulations. This capability allows the user to test the performance of his or her algorithms on a validated, and verified, generic engine model.

Both military and commercial turbofan engine versions of MAPSS exist. The military version, referred to simply as MAPSS, is representative of a low-bypass, high-pressure ratio engine with an advanced multivariable controller. The commercial versions, C-MAPSS and C-MAPSS40k, represent high-bypass engines capable of 90,000 lbf thrust and 40,000 lbf thrust, respectively. They also feature realistic full-authority digital engine controllers (FADEC) and run faster than real-time.

C-MAPSS40k Video
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Length - 5:05 minutes

C-MAPSS and C-MAPSS40K Are Currently Available As U.S. Government Purpose Releases This means that software release will be granted on a case-by-case basis to a U.S. organization for use on a relevant contract directly with an agency of the U.S. Government. Please make your request through the NASA Software Catalog (


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