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Wave Rotor Topping Cycles
for Gas Turbine Engines

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System Design Performance Calculation

Multi-port wave rotors are modeled using macroscopic mass and energy balances, one-dimensional gasdynamic wave timing, and sub-models for entropy produced in viscous, passage gradual opening and closing, blade blockage, and incidence-induced losses. The model provides on-design wave rotor performance estimates, port timing, and machine size with efficiency amenable to parametric analyses. The modeling approach identifies important wave rotor variables and allows incremental loss levels to be estimated. The model has been validated through comparison with numerical calculations and divider cycle experimental data. The model is extremely fast, requiring only milliseconds of CPU time on a PC, which makes it ideal for preliminary design.

Contact: Gerard Welch (ARL)

Project Contact: Daniel E. Paxson
Phone: (216) 433-8334

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