NASA Glenn Research Center Controls and Dynamics Technology Branch
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The Intelligent Control and Autonomy Branch comprises the following engineers and researchers.

Kevin J. Melcher -- Branch Chief
Eliot Aretskin-Hariton
Santino J. Bianco (Vantage Partners, LLC)
Mark E. Bell (Vantage Partners, LLC)
Amy Chicatelli (Vantage Partners, LLC)
Joseph W. Connolly
Dennis E. Culley
Christopher E. Fulton (Zin Technologies Inc)
Dzu K. Le
George Kopasakis
Jonathan Kratz
Jonathan S. Litt
Michael A. Mackin (Vantage Partners, LLC)
William A. Maul (Vantage Partners, LLC)
Daniel E. Paxson
Joseph R. Saus
Don L. Simon
T. Shane Sowers (Vantage Partners, LLC)
Thomas J. Steuber
Randy Thomas
Edmond Wong

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