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Wright Image Gallery

There have been a large number and wide variety of activities during the Centennial of Flight celebration. In this section of the Re-Living the Wright Way site we present a gallery of photos taken at these events. We have grouped the pages around several large topics, but we will be adding topics and continually updating the site as new events occur. Click on the topic title to view additional photos.

Kitty Hawk

Photo of Hangar at Kitty Hawk

Picture taken at Kitty Hawk by Mary Ann Benson

Orono Middle School Activities

Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu flight testing the Orono 1903 Wright Model

Screen Shot from International Space Station by NASA

Wright Brothers' Sightings

Wright Brothers in front of 1903 aircraft

Picture taken at World Space Congress 2002 by Diana Storm

Aircraft Replicas

Mark Dusenberry's 1905 aircraft

Picture taken in Dennison, Ohio, by Terry Henry

Airshows and Exhibits

Cleveland Air Show

Picture taken at Cleveland Air Show by Carol Galica

Workshops and Webcasts

NEW Workshop 2002

Picture taken at NEW Workshop by Carol Galica

School Visits

Pine Elementary School

Picture taken at Pine Elementary School by Carol Galica

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