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A graphical table of references for aerodynamics and wind tunnels.
The list is also gfiven in the text of the page

This is a list of references from Dr. Judy Van Zante's 1999 Power Point Presentation on wind tunnel experiments.


    1. Abbott, Ira A. & von Doenhoff, Albert E., “Theory of Wing Sections,” Dover Publications, 1959.
    2. Anderson, John D., “Fundamentals of Aerodynamics,” McGraw-Hill, Inc., 2nd Ed., 1991.
    3. Anderson, John D., “Introduction to Flight,” McGraw-Hill, Inc., 3rd Ed., 1989.
    4. Shevell, Richard S., “Fundamentals of Flight,” Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1983.
    Fluid Mechanics
    5. Potter, Merle C. & Foss, John F., “Fluid Mechanics,” The Ronald Press Co., NY, 1975 (now published by Great Lakes Press).
    6. Shapiro, Ascher H., “Shape and Flow: The Fluid Dynamics of Drag,” Science Study Series, Anchor Books, Doubleday & Co., Inc.,Garden City, NY, 1961.
    7. White, Frank M., “Fluid Mechanics,” McGraw-Hill Inc., 2nd Ed., 1986.
    Flow Visualization
    8. Van Dyke, Milton, “An Album of Fluid Motion,” Parabolic Press, P.O. Box 3032, Stanford, CA 94305-0030, 1982.
    9. Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, “Visualized Flow,” Pergamon Press, 1988.
    10. National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films, “Illustrated Experiments in Fluid Mechanics,” The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA and London, England, 1972.

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