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Objective: Students will create a magazine cover to highlight the type of jet engine that interests them the most.

National Standards met: Grades 5-8

Science Content Standards:

Abilities of Technological Design
Understanding About Science and Technology
Motions and Forces


1. Have students research types of jet engines currently being used in the aeronautics industry. Begin by reading the section entitled "engines" on the UEET student web site (or gather information from the library).

2. Each student must then choose a type of engine they are most interested in and gather more information to complete the following project.

3. Project: After selecting an engine type, the students will create a magazine cover for a scientific or technology publication such as Popular Science. The cover needs to include the following information:

a. The name of the magazine
b. A picture of their selected engine
c. The name of the engine
d. Titles for at least three articles highlighting their selected engine. Titles should focus on:
The benefits or risks to society
An editorial
Capabilities of the design
Development of the engine
Uses of the engine

4. Each student should then make a 5-minute presentation to the class on their project. Have them explain why they chose the particular engine and what they learned from this activity.

5. (Optional: Have the students choose one of their titles and write a one-page article on the topic.)

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