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Airport Noise

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Subject Area: Computer Applications/Word Processing

Grade Level: 9-12

National Technology Standards:

  • Technology Research Tools - Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making in content learning.
  • Technology Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Tools - Routinely and efficiently use on-line information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publications, communications, and productivity.


  • After reading the explanation given below, use the World Wide Web to investigate jet engine noise, related health concerns, and efforts by NASA Glenn Research Center to reduce engine noise.
  • Use the information to compose in rough draft, block style letter format or E-mail format, and business report format.

In the Olmsted Falls, Ohio, community the noise from airplanes as they take off from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in northeastern Ohio is a common problem. To better understand how the noise footprint affects those on the ground, in the activity listed below you will simulate the takeoff of a commercial airliner and notice the "noise footprint."

Other communities worldwide share this noise problem--even communities near smaller airports. In the activity you will also look at the engine noise problem at the San Francisco International Airport. You will learn what some experts say about health concerns and jet engine noise.

Jet passenger planes are quieter now than they were just a few years ago with the help of NASA Glenn Research Center located near the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Shown below is the Aero-Acoustical Propulsions Laboratory at NASA Glenn. In this dome, jet noise and active fan control tests are conducted in collaboration with industry.

Dome Construction Acoustic Dome Test Section of acoustic dome

Click on airport noise activity to begin your activity.


You, or you and your partner(s), will be evaluated on the creativity and thoroughness you display and the proper use of the block style letter format or E-mail format and business report format.


Demonstrate the ability to use the World Wide Web to investigate some of the health concerns that are associated with jet engine noise in and around airports and what experts say can be done to alleviate engine noise health concerns. Summarize your information in a business report format.

Submitted by: Michael Guildoo, Olmsted Falls High School, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

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