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Rudder -Yaw Problems
If so instructed by your teacher, print out a worksheet page for these problems.

Open the slide called Rudder - Yaw (with text). Study the labeled diagram and read the explanation of rudder - yaw.

After you have read the Web page about Rudder -Yaw, make a styrofoam airplane. Click on McEagle Styrofoam Glider ( for directions. 

  1. Cut two 0.25 inch (6 mm) slits about 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart from each other on the vertical stabilizer of your styrofoam glider and then bend this area to the right and then left to crease it. The tab you have just made is called the ______________.

  2. Looking at your styrofoam glider from the front, fold the tab to the right, so that it resembles the diagram on the Rudder - Yaw Web page.What motion do you predict will result when you fly your airplane?

  3. Fly your styrofoam glider. Was the motion the same as your prediction in the question above? ________ If not, describe how it differed.

  4. The styrofoam glider should have yawed counterclockwise around its center of gravity if viewed from the front. Where is its center of gravity in terms of the length of the airplane?

  5. Now bend the tab left. Predict the motion you will see when you fly the styrofoam glider:

  6. Fly the styrofoam glider again. Was your prediction correct? ___________ If not, describe how it differed.

  7. When the tab is deflected to the left, where is more force generated?

  8. When would a pilot use the rudder to cause an airplane to yaw?

  9. Where is the rudder located on a commercial jet?

  10. Which type of airplanes have more than one rudder?

  11. What is the advantage to having more than one rudder?

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