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Airplane Parts Identification & Functions Problems
If so instructed by your teacher, print out a worksheet page for these problems.

Open the slide called Airplane Parts Definitions (with text). Study the labeled diagram and read the explanation of the functions of the airplane parts.

Click on the image for a detailed description of this image

Using the letters shown on the airplane photograph above, identify the airplane parts listed in Table 1. Write both correct letters where needed.

Table 1

1. wings


2. vertical stabilizer


3. fuselage


4. flaps


5. cockpit


6. propeller


7. rudder


8. ailerons


9. elevator


10.horizontal stabilizer

  1. Write the names of the three airplane parts that can be used to change the shape of the wings.


  2. The wing generates lift because of its shape. Look at the airplane above. Which other part of the airplane, because of its similar shape, should also generate lift?


  3. Look at the airplane above. Which moveable part would the pilot use to make the airplane turn to the left?


  4. Which part would the pilot move in order to tip the left wing lower than the right?


  5. Which part of the airplane in the picture above is generating thrust?

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