National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Call for Abstracts

3nd Annual Nature-Inspired Exploration for Aerospace (NIEA) Summit

Biocene 2018

August 14-17, 2018, Cleveland, OH


NASA’s Glenn Research Center is developing methods and data analytics tools to support nature-inspired system design (physiomimetics/bionics/biomimetics/biomimicry). Biocene 2018 supports these activities by connecting researchers and citizen scientists, who collect data, to students, educators and engineers who use physiomimetics to explore, share or create solutions to engineering problems.

Join us for 4 days of talks, panel discussions, and site visits that highlight new approaches to developing enabling technologies for aerospace applications. This year we focus on data science to enable nature-inspired exploration and nature-inspired sensors and analytics tools. Speakers will include experts, innovators, and disruptive thinkers from academia, industry and government.

Publication Schedule

Submit all NIEA 2018 technical inquiries, abstracts and presentations to the NIEA 2018 mailbox.

Abstracts (less than 500 words) due: 03/30/2018 (Deadline moved from 3/15/2018)

Presenters notified of acceptance: 04/25/2018

Final presentation due: 07/13/2018

Summit: 08/14/2018 – 08/17/2018

The content from the summit will be captured, published as a NASA TM and disseminated through the V.I.N.E. website

Technical chairs: Dr. Herbert Schilling, Calvin Robinson