National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

NIEA 2017

Summit 2017: Nature-Inspired Exploration for Aerospace (NIEA) focused on nature-inspired research applicable to materials and structures for extreme environments. In addition, the state of the art in biomimicry/bionics/natural systems thinking was showcased. Presented by the Ohio Aerospace Institute and Great Lakes Biomimicry, in conjunction with NASA, the 2017 NIEA Summit shares NASA’s mission with biomimicry/bionics/natural systems communities, connects subject matter experts and collaboration tools, and showcases technology research clusters in the NASA V.I.N.E. ecosystem.


~160 attendees, 0 food waste due to 130lb of compostables collected through partnership with Cleveland State University’s sustainability department. Working group meetings on Friday resulted in follow up workshops and collaborations on funding opportunities.

View the Summit 2017 Flyer.