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Presentations and Papers

Proceedings of the AAAI Fall Symposium Series 2018, October 18-21, 2018.


Extracting Structural Knowledge from Natural Language Documents to Support Biologically Inspired Design,  Ashok Goel, Swapnal Acharya, Kimisha Mody, Kaylin Hagopian, Shimin Zhang and Spencer Rugaber


Facilitating user interaction with a biomimetic ontology through semantic translation and interface design, Colleen Unsworth, Austin Garner, Sarah McInerney, Banafsheh Khakipoor, Thibaut Houette, Ariana Rupp and Nicholas Weiner


Towards Distributed Coevolutionary GANs, Abdullah Al-Dujaili, Tom Schmiedlechner, Erik Hemberg and Una-May O’reilly


Biologically Inspired Foveated Robot Vision, Wallace Lawson, Keith Sullivan, Olu Roy, Chris Bradel and Esube Bekele


A Simple Environment for Research in Speciation, Gary Parker and Thomas Edwards


Question Answering with Encyclopedia of Life: Accessing Large-Scale Biological Knowledge, Pramodith Ballapuram, Christopher Cassion, Ashok Goel, Abbinayaa Subramanian, Jennifer Hammock, Spencer Rugaber, Robert Bates and Sunguen An


Emergent Turing Machines and Operating Systems for Brain-Like Auto-Programming for General Purposes, Juyang Weng, Zejia Zheng, Xiang Wu, Juan L. Castro-Garcia, Shengjie Zhu, Qian Guo and Xiaofeng Wu


INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group, Randal Anway


Data Workshop