National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

GAINS 2018

Gathering for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Systems

October 18-20, Arlington, VA

Supported by AAAI


Nature provides hundreds of millions of years of R&D by virtue of genetic variation, adaptation and speciation. Technology inspired by nature has the potential to be revolutionary while saving energy, resources and time. Several such inventions already proved the creativity and efficiency of designs inspired by nature. For example, researchers have been able to create antibacterial surfaces inspired by cicada’s wings and gecko’s skin; the shape of the engine of the Shinkansen Bullet train is said to have been inspired by the kingfisher beak. While these examples are exciting, they are not as numerous as they could be. Biomimicry – the art of innovation inspired by nature – happens quite often due to serendipity. We believe that artificial intelligence could help get serendipity out of the loop.

The goal of the GAINS Symposium – Gathering for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Systems – is to bring together researchers from academia, government and industry to collaborate at the intersection of artificial intelligence and biomimicry. We welcome submissions on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Nature-inspired algorithms for AI
  • AI-enabled biomimetic technology
  • Data curation and data sets for biomimicry
  • Computational creativity for biomimicry
  • Ontologies and taxonomies for knowledge transfer between engineering and biology
  • Computational tools and methods for biomimicry
  • Applications supporting bio-inspired design and innovation

Full papers (max 6 pages, including references): Papers detailing solutions or approaches.

Technical Brief (max 2 pages): These are typically position papers or concept papers.

Work in Progress (max 2 pages): – to be presented as poster; however, for reviewing purposes, please submit a max 2 pages description of your work.

The deadline for submission is July 20th  July 31, 2018. Submissions should be labelled as full paper, work in progress or poster.

Symposium Format

The 2.5 day symposium is focused on: 1) AI for Bio-inspiration and 2) Nature-inspired AI. Each day will have keynotes and panels, interspersed with invited technical talks. In addition, we plan to include early-afternoon poster sessions. The last half-day of the symposium is dedicated to round tables with the objective of creating white papers with actionable items on different collaborative projects and ideas.


Organizing Committee:

Ioana Baldini, IBM Research AI

Richard ‘Doug’ Riecken, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Prasanna Sattigeri, IBM Research AI

Vikram Shyam, NASA Glenn Research Center



Send email including GAINS in the subject to Ioana Baldini at or Vikram Shyam at