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NSWG Pathology Discussion 7/28

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Please join us this Saturday July 28th at noon CDT for an informal discussion on pathology in natural systems. The link is at the end of this message.


There are some introductory materials on pathology in this dropbox folder:


One of those files is named for a link to a series of youtube videos which explores some basic information.


BIOCENE Conference

Consider attending the NASA VINE Biocene conference. Numerous people from NSWG will be present, and George Studor will be presenting some space inspection challenges to the group.


VINE Systemology Cluster

This group continues to work in ways which parallel and enhance our efforts. At the August conference, the group will start an exploration of how bio-inspired tools could be mapped to the systems engineering process.


E-mail reflector

INCOSE has set up an email reflector for NSWG. Those who join can send messages to the group. This will allow us to share information and have discussions. Let me know if you want to be added to this list.


INCOSE support for NSWG

INCOSE may be willing to supply start-up funding for an NSWG workshop. Let us know if you have an idea.




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