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Dr. Isaiah Blankson gave a talk titled, Biomimetic Approaches to Selected Engineering Problems at the University of Akron on Feb 26, 2016. The abstract of the talk is given below.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, researches, designs, develops and tests innovative technology for aeronautics and spaceflight. We design game-changing technology for spaceflight that enables further exploration of the universe. We create cutting-edge aeronautical technology that revolutionizes air travel. NASA also commercializes technology that is of benefit to the community, region and nation. Some of the key technologies that are being pursued include the application of non-equilibrium plasmas to processes in aerodynamics and propulsion, treatment of dielectric liquids, energy and the environment.

In this seminar, several examples of engineering problems of interest and importance to the Aeronautics sector of NASA will be presented. Our emphasis will be on the various approaches which are derived by learning from nature’s design strategies and solutions which are a rich source of inspiration for various branches of science and technology. Particular examples include sonic-boom mitigation of supersonic aircraft by forward energy addition, the application of radio-vision systems to issues in aviation safety, control of vortex-induced vibrations, and potential car-body structures for automobile safety. In each example, the conventional approach and the nature-inspired approach will be described.

Finally, an opportunity to embed biomimetic designs and strategies in a new ground-transportation concept will be briefly discussed.