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NASA Glenn Celebrates 75 Years of Exceptional Technology Achievements at Technology Day 2016

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Biomimicry: NASA’s biomimicry group displayed a booth featuring current work by researchers and examples in which nature influences aerospace and technology.

Photo Credit: NASA

The Glenn Research Center in Cleveland celebrated a legacy of innovation and explored its role in NASA’s Journey to Mars at Technology Day 2016. Dr. John Sankovic, director of Technology, Incubation and Innovation at Glenn, highlighted some of the recent biomimicry work the center has undertaken including airfoils inspired by harbor seal whiskers, engine noise suppression inspired by reeds and an InnoCentive Challenge to miniaturize exercise equipment for the Journey to Mars using biomimicry,

Attendees were invited to register for a 3-day Biomimicry Summit and Education Forum being held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, August 2-4. The goal of the Summit is to showcase some of the most unique efforts across industry and academia to define revolutionary technology that is inspired by nature.

The Forum offers over 30 presentations on subjects literally from A to Z – “Application of Biomimicry to NASA Problems” to “Zygote Quarterly: An Open-Source Bio-Inspired Design Journal.

To contact Glenn’s Biomimicry Working Group or to become a collaborator, click here.

Click here for more information on the Biomimicry Summit and Education Forum, August 2-4.