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NASA @ Work

What is NASA@work? 
NASA@work is a discussion-based software platform that provides the opportunity for you to communicate and innovate more effectively on the most pressing R&D and business Challenges that matter. It provides the means for exposure of your Challenges to a broader NASA audience and obtaining solutions from employees with whom you would not typically interact. The NASA@work website provides you with a private, transparent and collaborative environment for solving important internal problems.

How does NASA@work work? 
Challenge Owners post questions, called Challenges, on the NASA@work website with significant assistance from NASA@work Champions and the Client Services group at InnoCentive. Solvers submit solutions to the Challenge via a discussion board and are encouraged to provide their own input as well as to critique the solutions provided by other Solvers. As the Challenge progresses towards a solution, the Challenge Owner issues dollars to the Solver(s) who best meet(s) the solution requirements as outlined in the Challenge. All information generated and posted on the NASA@work website is treated as highly confidential and secure.

Can Contractors Participate? 
Important Information for Contractors: Contractors that choose to submit solutions to the NASA@work platform must be aware that it is their responsibility to receive approval from their company management and, if required, to obtain the appropriate approval from the NASA Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). Although Civil Servants are required to be Challenge Owners, contractors may participate as co-challenge owners.

Data exchanged between NASA@work Solvers under this activity will be exchanged without restriction as to its disclosure, use, or duplication unless such data is appropriately identified and marked in accordance with any existing agreements or policies covering the activities of the NASA@work solvers.

If you, or your company management, have any questions, please contact the NASA@work team: