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NASA Seeks Phase I Innovative Advanced Aerospace Concepts

NASA Seeks Phase I Innovative Advanced Aerospace Concepts

NASA Seeks Phase I Innovative Advanced Aerospace Concepts

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program is seeking Phase I proposals for 2018 through a solicitation released on August 2. The NIAC Program focuses on early studies of visionary concepts that address NASA’s and the nation’s goals and offers radically different approaches or leapfrog innovations to enable new missions or greatly enhance previous ones. […]

Biomimicry: A Multidisciplinary Design Process

Biomimicry, at its core, bridges knowledge and processes from many disciplines: Biology, design, engineering and business. A synthesis of observational research, abstract thinking and problem solving skills, with a vast library from the natural world can reveal new pathways of exploration for old problems. Please join us for Doug Paige’s presentation where he will present […]

Biomimicry Seminar Series: Reconstructing Ancient Worlds – June 23

Reconstructing Ancient Worlds: Early Hominin Paleoecology and Implications for Human Evolution   NASA Glenn Research Center Biomimicry Working Group invites you to Denise Fay-Shen Su, Ph.D.,  presentation “Reconstructing Ancient Worlds: Early Hominin Paleoecology and Implications for Human Evolution.” The event will be held on Thursday, June 23 at 10 a.m., in Glenn’s Administration Building, auditorium. We […]

Biomimicry at NASA Glenn Open House, Cleveland, OH, May 21-22, 2016

NASA’s Biomimicry group assisted with the NASA Glenn Open House, in Cleveland, OH, on May 21-22, 2016.  On both days, members of the team volunteered at the Biomimicry@Glenn exhibit. Researchers answered questions about biomimicry, thermal seals, entry descent and landing, combustion, subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics and propulsion and space exploration. The display included current and […]

Tom Tyrrell of GLBio Featured in Plain Dealer

The Cleveland Plain Dealer featured Tom Tyrrell and his start up Great Lakes Biomimicry in an article describing the biomimicry ecosystem in North East Ohio that includes education and business endeavors.

GLBio (Great Lakes Biomimicry) featured as TechPint winner 2016

Local Biomimciry CEO Tom Tyrrell was featured in Tech Czar as the winner of TechPint. TechPint is one of the largest networking tech events in Northeast Ohio. Great Lakes Biomimicry is a NASA partner.

Grain sized robots – TED talk

“By studying the movement and bodies of insects such as ants, Sarah Bergbreiter and her team build incredibly robust, super teeny, mechanical versions of creepy crawlies … and then they add rockets. See their jaw-dropping developments in micro-robotics, and hear about three ways we might use these little helpers in the future.”

Nature inspired flying wing – from Nazi times

In the last months of World War Two, Nazi Germany tested an experimental fighter more spaceship than aircraft. Only now are we realising how inspired it was. BBC Future looks at the Horten Ho 229, one of aviation’s most futuristic designs.

IBM’s Watson shown to enhance human-computer co-creativity, support biologically inspired design

Watson Engagement Advisor AI system was trained to “learn” about biologically inspired design from biology articles, then answer questions