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Incredible Fish Armor Could Suit Soldiers

Jeanna Bryner, Live Science Managing Editor July 27, 2008 09:42am ET African fish that have trolled for prey in murky freshwater pools for nearly 100 million years sport the best of the best in body armor. Now a team of engineers has dissected the aquatic armor, figuring out how it works in an effort to […]

Groundbreaking Examples of Tech Innovations Inspired By Biomimicry

By Alexa Erickson April 23, 2017 There’s no doubt humans are resourceful — just look at the world we’ve created. However, as much as there may be to celebrate regarding just how far we’ve come, it’s also incredibly important to hone in on the massive sustainability problems that have resulted from our innovations. Biomimicry seeks […]

In the deep sea there live “crabs” that look like yetis

By Jasmin Fox-Skelly 13 April 2017 At the bottom of the ocean, hydrothermal vents spew out boiling-hot water into the ice-cold sea above. Within a few feet, the temperature goes from scalding to bone-chilling. On top of that, the pressure is crushingly intense and there is no light. This unimaginable environment is home to “yeti […]

Metal-foam hybrid has potential in soft robotics, aeronautics

March 21, 2016 Imagine an aircraft that could alter its wing shape in midflight and, like a pelican, dive into the water before morphing into a submarine. Impossible, you say? A little too “Transformers,” perhaps? Well, the U.S. Air Force doesn’t think so, and believes Cornell engineering professor Rob Shepherd and his group might help […]

Global Entrepreneurs-In-Residence & Advancements in Biomimicry

Artist-in-residence, musician-in-residence, Amtrak even offers a writer-in-residence program on their cross-country trains, but have you heard of an entrepreneur-in-residence? Baldwin Wallace University and the University of Akron Research Foundation are hoping to lure foreign business upstarts to their campuses with a new program. Trading an H1B visa for student mentoring, isn’t a bad deal. And […]

Moth Eyes Inspire Glare-Resistant Coating For Cellphone Screens

Joe’s Big Idea June 22, 201711:11 AM ET If you’re standing in the blazing sun struggling to read this on your cellphone, there may be some relief in sight. And you’ll have a moth to thank. The reason you have to find shade to read your phone is the way the light reflects off the […]

Biologically inspired product design

Daniel Christian Wahl Glocal educator, activist and consultant, generalized in whole systems design and transformative innovation for regenenerative cultures Top writer in Sustainability, Culture, Future, Leadership, Innovation Biologically inspired product design Starting at the scale of material science with new textiles, coatings and paints, the examples of biomimetic product design include improved medical tools, fans, propulsion […]

Designing for Tomorrow

Colleagues Don Knechtges and Tom Tyrrell combine their experiences in an innovative nonprofit. The last thing Don Knechtges and Tom Tyrrell needed was another startup. Tyrrell founded or co-founded a dozen enterprises, from American Steel & Wire, now a part of Charter Steel in Wisconsin, to venture capital fund Glengary to Akron tech firm Segmint […]

How ‘artificial swarm intelligence’ uses people to make better predictions than experts

While AI focuses on creating intelligent machines that perform human tasks, a human-based algorithm, harnessing the power of the crowd to make predictions, shows remarkable accuracy. By Hope Reese Since the 1950’s, when researchers began searching for ways to create artificial intelligence, much focus has been on developing artificial neural networks—building intelligence from scratch. Turning […]

Region’s reputation for biomimicry research brings international visitors and acclaim

By DAN SHINGLER The University of Akron’s international reputation continues to grow, but it’s pythons, not polymers, that are attracting the attention this time. The university hosted a group of Japanese delegates who came at the end of April to see what the school and its partner, Great Lakes Biomimicry, have been doing. Biomimicry is […]