National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Biocene Tools Workshop 2019

Sept 9-10, 2019
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH.

Attendance: US Citizens and LPR (Legal Permanent Residents) only
Audience: BID Tool developers, practitioners, potential users


Invitation to participate – NASA VINE Biocene Tools Workshop

On Sept 9-10, 2019, the NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature-inspired Exploration (V.I.N.E.) is hosting the Biocene Tools Workshop at NASA Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH).

We invite your participation in this bio-inspired design tools workshop. This ‘minds-on’ workshop will explore emerging cross-discipline tools and techniques for moving Bio-Inspired Design (BID) into “standard practice” in systems engineering and engineering design. Discussion will center on state-of-the-art in BID tools, emerging tool-kits for engineering innovation, and industry best practices. With a view towards scaling the technology, ample opportunity will be provided to facilitate networking and discussion on paths to tool/toolkit adaptation and adoption.

Our goal is to have about 25 participants from each of academia and industry. These are expected to range from those who currently use BID to those who want to bring the approach into their work.

In addition to the workshop sessions, we will run some pecha kucha style sessions where participants can get acquainted with one another and their work. These will be brief (10 minutes or less) informal presentations. We invite you to submit an abstract to present. Abstracts should be limited to 300 words and should focus on a BID tool, best practices for addressing common issues, or industry needs for BID tools.

The following list illustrates some of the topics we may explore in the workshop:

— BID tools: Use cases and case studies
— Key Perspectives
— Designer aids / design tools
— Interface designs
— Repositories
— AI/Data Mining
— Cognitive tools / aids
— Mindmaps

Early acceptance deadline for abstracts: 7/1/19. Early applicants will be notified by 7/15/19.

If this workshop is of interest, please send a note to the Biocene 2019 planning team for more details, questions, and registration information.

Lastly, to help us shape the workshop to meet your needs, please take a few minutes to complete this pre-workshop survey.
We will also craft goals to work toward for our next summit – Biocene 2020.

Thanks in advance,
Biocene 2019 Planning Team

Architecture of PeTaL showing necessary classes of tools and infrastructure.

PeTaL architecture.