National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

MegaJoule Storage, Inc.

January 31, 2014

Company Information:

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, MegaJoule Storage, Inc. is an advanced battery and capacitor technology development company focused on the use of cells with power management and inversion. MegaJoule, a bulk energy storage developer, is focused on the use of its storage cells with power management and inversion. As 2013, Adopt-A-City award winner, the company requested support from NASA Glenn experts.

“NASA’s Subject Matter Experts provided us helpful recommendations and information. They recommended materials that would work better than our current materials. We look forward to continuing our association with NASA.”
–Herb Crowther, President of MegaJoule Storage, Inc.


One of the projects that MegaJoule is developing is a lead acid battery in a capacitor for stationary power storage. The positive electrode is lead and the negative electrode is carbon. The required life for the battery will be 50,000 hours. The application life requires a coating for the electrode that is flexible, very conductive and can withstand a wet sulfuric acid bath. The temperature range for this battery is -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F). This set of requirements enabled the team to identify potential solutions for the development of the lead acid battery.


The Subject Matter Experts from the Electrochemistry Branch working with MegaJoule, investigated commercial suppliers of polymeric coatings and coating application techniques such as air brush, painting, or dipping to uniformly coat the lead/tin electrode and protect it against corrosion from the sulfuric acid electrolyte. They were able to recommend prospective commercial suppliers which would provide cost effective support. The team worked on electrically conductive coating that protects the electrodes in the negative electrode assembly. During the process, the MegaJoule team visited the Glenn test bed to further define the parameters of the challenge.

NASA’s materials engineers have worked with polymer materials for a variety of space programs. Their expertise allowed them to diagnose the challenges that were facing Megajoule Storage. As experts in this field, the NASA team was able to identify several important points of contact in academia and commercial polymer formulators that would help address the proper conductive film properties and corrosion protection.


The MegaJoule power management end product will provide a stable product for companies in commercial, industrial and utility business product lines. NASA has provided an initial overview of the design and analysis that will bring this product closer to market. NASA is looking forward to continuing this partnership.