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Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Summit – GRC STP/MAGNET/FastLane Panel Discussion

September 19, 2019

Dr. Walter Copan, Under Secretary of Commerce, Standards, and Technology and Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology providing keynote speech.

Laurie Stauber, NASA GRC STP Program Manager; Ethan Karp, MAGNET CEO; Phillip Raterman, Dayton FastLane; and Linda Fowler, Regionerate, LLC, presented a panel discussion, “Increase Your MEP’s Impact Through Partnering with NASA” at the MEP National Network Summit in Atlanta Georgia. MAGNET and other MEP Centers have successfully tested a collaborative approach for national laboratories and small businesses to work together to solve technical challenges. The NASA Strategic Technology Partnerships Program, formerly called Regional Economic Development or RED, involves consultations with national laboratory subject matter expertise from NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) to solve a technical challenge of vetted client companies.  The small manufacturer’s request for technologies and expertise must fall within the core competencies designated by the NASA GRC. The approach leverages federal dollars invested in technology development for production capacity, new product development, spillovers of research and new technology while providing an opportunity for technology awareness/infusion for NASA. This is a unique way to add to an MEP’s technical capabilities and help local companies grow.

Dr. Walter Copan, Under Secretary of Commerce, Standards and Technology and Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology, was a keynote speaker. Over 600 MEP and other affiliates attended the conference.

Annual STP Report Released

September 12, 2019

The NASA Glenn Research Center’s Strategic Technology Partnership (STP) initiative is pleased to present our annual accomplishment report for 2018 (click to view report ) Annual Report-GRC 2018. Formerly the Regional Economic Development (RED) Initiative, we have renamed the activity to better focus on our strengths in working with regional partners in the Midwest.

Our previous year consisted of engagement with several key organizations, including MAGNET, the Cleveland-based Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), The Water Council (Milwaukee), Cleveland Water Alliance, Wisconsin MEP (WMEP), Team NEO, Case Western Reserve University, Catalyst Connection (Pittsburgh) and America Makes. Glenn Research Center Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) helped companies solve technical challenges aimed at job creation and increased revenue, which generated remarkable achievements for the areas we serve.

We’re excited about the fall of 2019, where we will engage with SBIR Phase II companies from both Ohio and Wisconsin, focused on distressed cities, Cleveland and Milwaukee, through a pilot Midwest Innovation Exchange effort with the Economic Development Administration (EDA), OAI and the Milwaukee 7.

Be sure to check out our latest stories at Success Stories the on Adopt-a-City success with Health-Mor (Brooklyn, OH), Skysun LLC (Bay Village, OH) and Indago (Cleveland, OH), as well as Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. from the Dayton NASA/FastLane Tech Connect event.

2019 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium

August 8, 2019

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition sponsored a symposium that was held on June 26 and 27, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio highlighting Hydrogen and Its Applications. Ian Jakupca, Direct Energy Conversion Engineer from NASA Glenn was a showcase speaker for NASA fuel cell activities and lunar hydrogen infrastructure. Kurt Sacksteder, NASA Glenn Deputy Chief Technologist and /Kelly Ison, Office of Technology Incubation and Innovation attended networking and engaging with attendees at the NASA Glenn exhibit.

Cleveland Eric Hack 2.0

July 11, 2019

NASA Glenn Research Center was prominently mentioned in the introduction to Cleveland Erie Hack 2.0, as a major contributor in forming the original challenge statements that were issued at the kick-off of the competition. Erie Hack is a $100k innovation challenge that accelerates technology solutions to Lake Erie’s most pressing problems. The sixth-month competition empowers researchers, designers, engineers, developers, and creatives from cities around the Lake Erie Basin to build teams, development innovations and compete for more than $100k in prizes. Trap and Contain Storm water Objects (TACSO), from Cleveland, was the winner in the Challenge to Cultivate Resilience in Water Infrastructure Systems, Manage Aging Water Infrastructure Systems, Reduce and Remediate Urban Pollution. TACSO is a team of Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Institute of Art faculty and students that have developed a solution for capturing physical debris that’s washed out through storm water systems. Their resilient cages capture trash as it emerges from outfalls and are designed to serve smaller communities that don’t currently have a solution to this problem.

Growth Opps Economic Outlook Summit, Cleveland, Ohio

June 13, 2019

Strategic Technology Partnerships (STP) Initiative Manager, Laurie Stauber, Division Chief of the Innovation and Integration office at NASA Glenn Research Center, Robert Romero, STP Program Executive from NASA Headquarters,  Diana Hoyt, and Regionerate LLC consultant, Linda Fowler, attended the Growth Opps Economic Outlook Summit focused on Northeastern Ohio economic activity. Topics included: Opportunity Zones-What is the real opportunity for Northeast Ohio? Building Wealth in Communities of Color; The Gig Economy-Meeting the demands of a changing labor market; Bankers’ Corner Capitalizing your company’s growth; Path to Prosperity-Tools to ensure you are on the right path; The Business Case for Shared Prosperity; and A Community Discussion.

Manufacturing Works (formerly Wire Net)

June 13, 2019

The not-for-profit Manufacturing Works (formerly Wire-Net), a Cleveland-based organization with 300 + manufacturing members in the Cleveland area, requested information on the STP activity and ways that their member businesses can utilize subject matter expertise assistance. The Manufacturing Works mission is to promote Northeastern Ohio manufacturers. A strategy session was held with their representative who explained their interest in GRC technologies available via STP activities as well as through the traditional methods offered via technology transfer and SBIR/STTR.

Cleveland Engineering Society (CES) Advancing Regional Collaboration for Development

May 15, 2019

The STP team was represented at the CES Advancing Regional Collaboration for Development/67th Annual Design and Construction Conference/Advancing Regional Collaboration for Development in Westlake, Ohio. Sessions of particular relevance to STP and the agency Water Initiative were: Dover Ditch Restream Restoration and Flood Relief Project, Director of Engineering, City of Westlake; Reusing Alum Sludge to Remove Upstream Phosphorus, University of Akron and City of Akron Water Department; Qualified Opportunity Zones in Northeastern OH– Project Management Consultants, Team NEO and Economic Development, City of Cleveland. Plans are to include an Opportunity Zone topic in the Midwest Innovation Exchange Pilot activity.

Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) Space Act Agreement (SAA)

May 16, 2019

The OAI SAA has reached OAI for review and signature. This agreement is focused on the Midwest Innovation Exchange Pilot activity relating to the Economic Development Administration grant involving OAI and the Milwaukee 7 economic development organization. An additional SAA template focused on the individual Ohio and Wisconsin SBIR Phase II companies has been developed and will be routed to the selected companies after screening is completed by OAI.

Strategic Technology (STP) Status

April 11, 2019

A new STP (formerly RED) success story has been released and is ready for publication. The company highlighted is: Indago, an Adopt-a-City participant.

Indago success summary: Indago (formerly Infinite Arthroscopy, Inc.) is a medical device company on a mission to create the operating room of the future through smart surgical tools. Indago sought help from NASA subject matter experts to find an effective battery and power management solution for their ArthroFree device. “One of our fundamental challenges was how to take a hardwired minimally invasive surgical camera and make it battery-powered,” said Indago CEO and cofounder Eugene Malinskiy. “Prior to consulting with NASA, we had devised the basic parameters for a battery-powered system; however, there were two aspects that we wanted to improve. First, we wanted to increase the efficiency and capacity of our power system so that the device would last longer on a single charge. Second, we wanted to minimize the weight and size of the battery to improve the device’s ergonomics.”

Supporting local manufacturers is an extension of NASA Glenn’s strategic action plan to be an integral part of the regional community and the nation.  Click to view story

Aerospace and Defense Supplier Innovation: Ohio Leading Edge

April 11, 2019

The STP team members attended the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Innovation session in Cleveland. Ohio is among the top five states in the country doing business with Boeing and Airbus. The event showcased Ohio’s significant supplier network; inform on how to be a part of this network; highlighted emerging opportunities in the defense field; and bringing together representatives from the aerospace industry, universities and federal labs so that Ohio companies can explore further defense and military integration. The Aerospace and Defense Supplier Innovation event highlighted Ohio’s significant supplier network; informed attendees on how to access and do business within the supplier network; and discussed emerging opportunities in the defense field.

Strategic Technology Partnerships Success Stories

March 11, 2019

Two new Strategic Technology Partnerships (formerly RED) success stories have been released and are ready for publication. The companies highlighted are: Skysun, Bay Village, Ohio, and Health-Mor Brooklyn, Ohio, both Adopt-a-City participants.

Skysun success summary: Skysun used the NASA findings to begin developing wind-mitigating devices, including movement-damping methods to increase prototype accuracy in windy conditions. The NASA findings were critical in generating interest from researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in the United States as well as Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute, Europe’s largest institute for applied solar energy research. “I don’t believe Skysun could have gotten on ‘their radar’ without the Adopt-a-City collaboration,” Jim Clair, Skysun founder.  Click to view story

Health-Mor success summary: “As a small company, we can only afford to do so much research and testing. NASA has so much internal intelligence that can be shared to help us [and it] is much more affordable than us employing an entire R&D team that is going to spend months just learning what NASA engineers already know.” Dan Duggan, CEO, Health-Mor.  Click to view story

Supporting local manufacturers is an extension of NASA Glenn’s strategic action plan to be an integral part of the regional community and the nation.

Follow-up and Close Out of the Additive Manufacturing and Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect Events

March 11, 2019

The GRC SIA team is working with our subject matter experts, facilitators (Team NEO, MAGNET, Catalyst Connection), and the participating companies from the Additive Manufacturing and Northeast Ohio Tech Connect events to finalize the activity. The Additive Manufacturing Tech Connect event was held in June 2018 at America Makes in Youngstown, Ohio, with Catalyst Connection and MAGNET assisting to facilitate the event serving four companies. The Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect was held in August 2018, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, with Team NEO and MAGNET assisting to facilitate the event serving four companies. The SIA Tech Connect event specialist collects the event documentation, facilitates follow-up meetings and action closure, writes an event summary, and sends an email to finalize the consultation to the company. The four company consultations from the Additive Manufacturing Tech Connect are finished. Additionally, three of the four company consultations that occurred during the Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect have been finalized. We are actively working to close the final open action with the fourth company by the end of February 2019. During the next year, MAGNET will provide NIST survey results to the GRC SIA team and success stories will be developed to document the effectiveness of the consultation sessions.

AeroInnovate Accelerator Cleveland Roadshow at Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI)

December 13, 2018

The University of Wisconsin-based AeroInnovate Accelerator Cleveland Roadshow was held at OAI. Approximately thirty Cleveland/Northeastern Ohio area industry representatives attended the event which highlighted speakers from NASA Glenn, including Sandra Reehorst, briefing on the office of technology innovation and incubation, including regional economic development, technology transfer, SBIR, and STTR. Dr. Ruben Del Rosario briefed on GRC Aeronautics, including commercial supersonic aircraft, subsonic transport, vertical life air vehicles, assured autonomy for aviation transformation, assured autonomy for safety assurance, electrified aircraft propulsion, advanced propulsion and aircraft integration, history on aircraft and engine icing. Ann Heyward, Vice President of OAI, provided the history of the institute, and partnerships with Glenn and WPAFB. David Salay provided details about the Midwest Innovation Exchange (MIE), including grant funding to OAI and M7 from the Economic Development Administration. The MIE is focused on Cleveland and Milwaukee industries, with NASA GRC core competencies as a connector and industry driver. Using cluster analysis and mapping, focused regional capabilities and assets assessment, pilot project are being planned in the two cities. Steve Slocum, AeroInnovate managing director, discussed the business accelerator for aviation and aerospace early stage entrepreneurs, which connects entrepreneurs with industry. AeroInnovate is an eight-week program for startups, with a culminating event held at the annual AirVenture Oshkosh event in Wisconsin.

Asset Mapping – Cluster Identification Presentation for Geographic Information Software (GIS) Day at Lakeland Community College (LCC)

December 13, 2018

Business Knowledge Manager Specialist, Gretchen Feiste, a contractor with Peerless Technologies, Inc., and Records Management, History, and Library Manager, Jaime Sens, a contractor with Alycon Technical Services, presented to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) community on November 14, 2018, as a part of the National GIS Day event being Held at Lakeland Community College (LCC) in Kirtland, Ohio. The presentation shared how NASA Glenn Research Centers Strategic Technology Partnerships initiative (formerly known as Regional Economic Development [RED]) is using GIS to visually display asset maps, allowing for cluster identification related to economic development. The presentation was attended by 25 professionals and students, either working in the field of GIS or currently enrolled in a GIS certification program at LCC.

Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) Cleveland Regional Summit

December 13, 2018

The IRI Cleveland Regional Summit was held at Ohio Aerospace Institute. IRI is a worldwide network of cross-industry leaders driving innovation and new growth – representing small specialty companies, large global corporations, and government labs. Sixty attendees participated, representing: Nu-Angle, Digital C, Energizer, Goodyear, Swagelok, Great Lakes BioEnterprise, Timken, PPG, Owens Corning, Ashland, Lubrizol, Smucker, Sherwin-Williams, Omnova, Lincoln Electric, Avery Dennison, PolyOne, Battelle, Sunoco, GOJO, Eastman Chemical, and Cleveland Water Alliance. Speakers included Ann Heyward, Vice President of the Ohio Aerospace Institute and Laurie Stauber, Innovative Partnership Manager, NASA Glenn Research Center. Topics centered on the use of innovation with business practices, and group discussion were facilitated by Becky Kwiat of Glenn’s Creativity and Innovation Team, Alcyon Technical Services (JV), LLC. Tom Doehne coordinated the tours of Glenn’s Zero Gravity Research Facility and Electric Propulsion Lab.

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Event at Glenn Research Center

December 13, 2018

The YPO Cleveland Chapter met at NASA Glenn to learn about business opportunities in Strategic Innovation Alliances, Technology Transfer, and SBIR/STTR. An exhibit was staffed by Laurie Stauber and Max Briggs. The Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Materials, Perry, Ohio, and the President of the Global Plumbing Group from Moen, North Olmsted, Ohio, were interested in pursuing more detailed discussions with these organizations, especially concerning the tech connect engineering consultations. The YPO is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. The YPO members harness the knowledge, influence and trust of the world’s most influential and innovative business leaders to inspire business, personal, family and community impact.

Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA)

November 8, 2018

Laurie Stauber, Tom Doehne, and Diana Hoyt attended the 2018 OEDA Annual Summit. As a non-partisan professional association, OEDA advocates on behalf of economic development practitioners and addresses topics key to growing the Ohio economy. Laurie Stauber accepted an award for Excellence in Innovation from OEDA for the RED Initiative Adopt-a-City, Technology Roadshows and Tech Connect Events which provided engineering consultations to small and medium sized companies in the Midwest region, with the goal of job creation.

Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect

September 13, 2018

The Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect was held on August 14, 2018, at Case Western Reserve University, led by NASA RED Specialist, Max Briggs. Four northeast Ohio companies: Keyland Polymer, Nirvana, Beckett Energy Systems, and CresCor received consultations with NASA subject matter experts in the fields of battery systems and electrochemistry, acoustics, nano materials, and thermal modeling. The event was very well received with several companies targeting near term product development or product modification.

SkySun, a Participant in Adopt-a-City

August 9, 2018

RED Specialist, Eric Bauman of NASA Glenn Research Center noted Skysun, located in Elyria, Ohio,  an Adopt-a-City-2 (2014) participant, who needed help investigating wind-induced oscillation of their ganged heliostat technology is seeing success from their participation. GRC SMEs visited the company’s test site where an examination of the subscale prototype revealed that it is susceptible to wind induced oscillation due to vortex sheading. Concern for oscillation when the ganged heliostat is scaled to full size was also expressed. The SMEs created an easy to use tool that determines vortex sheading frequencies allowing Skysun to predict the susceptibility of their structure to wind induced oscillation. The SMEs showed Skysun how to perform a structural dynamics test to measure the natural of the structure. These results in combination with the vortex-shedding tool will allow SkySun to predict the susceptibility of their structure to wind induced oscillation.

Recently, Crain’s Cleveland Business highlighted a small business voucher initiative in which Skysun was a recipient. “Small business vouchers are already a proven winner for both the businesses and the DOE labs. Since 2015, 114 energy technology startups have gained access to more than $22 million of national lab services in three rounds of awards. While that is only about 0.1% of the labs’ budget, the value of the insights gained and relationships built have been worth much more than that.” View Article.

US Water Alliance – One Water Summit

July 12, 2018

Laurie Stauber, Program Manger for the Regional Economic Development (RED) program at NASA and Eric Baumann, RED Specialist at NASA Glenn Research Center, attended the US Water Alliance One Water Summit in Minneapolis, MN, with over 900 attendees, from 39 states and provinces, 51 Regional Water delegations, and 465 organizations. The conference was opened with a welcome from Native American tribal chiefs representing the Lakota and Homa tribes. Panel discussions included: Creating Minnesota’s Culture of Collaboration, focused on diverse projects and partnerships, addressing mercury reduction in water, poverty, and treating water issues as technical issues; Smart Water, Creating Cities of Tomorrow: addressing disruptive computing power through AI and machine learning; an additional panel focused Frontline Perspectives on Water Equity Participated in a meeting with the Cleveland Water Alliance focused on GRC participation in Erie Hack 2019; and a Great Lakes Commission Meeting hosted by Jennifer Schultz, commissioner, who spoke about asset management and tracking in the Great Lakes region. One of the final sessions was Elevating Water as a National Priority with thought leaders in the fields of philanthropy, advocacy, civic engagement, and business impacting the field of water, moderated by Minnesota Public Radio, host Kerri Miller, will air on national public radio in the coming week highlighting issues of water connections to issues along the Mississippi River.

Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) National Meeting, Atlanta, GA

June 13, 2018

Laurie Stauber, Program Manager for the Regional Economic Development (RED) program at NASA, attended the IRI National Meeting in Atlanta, GA., and participated in a Federal Lab session with Nona Cheeks/GSFC; Linda Ham/JSC; Julie Williams-Byrd/LaRC, providing information to guests about NASA partnerships, technology transfer and regional economic development initiative at the centers. Also participating were representatives from Environmental Protection Agency, Veterans Administration, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Sandia Lab, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, Argonne National Lab, Brookhaven National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, National Institute of Standards and Testing, National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, US Army Research Lab and US Geological Survey. The IRI National Meeting was combined with the National Science Foundation’s 2018 SBIR Tech Showcase, featuring posters from 275 SBIR companies from across the nation, focused on advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, materials, instrumentation, biological, biomedical sciences, chemical, environmental, digital health, medical devices, educational, electronics, robotic, wireless, IT, IOT, semiconductor and photonics technologies. Keynote speakers included Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV, presenting The Neuro Generation: A New Era in Brain Augmentation is revolutionizing the Way We Think, Work, and Lead, and Dr. Yann LeCun, Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Facebook, spoke about The Power and Limits of Deep Learning. Andrew Harrison discussed Design for Service: The Advanced Services Transformation Roadmap at Rolls Royce. A session with IRI members from the IRI National organization, Timken, Smucker’s, NASA GRC/HQ, and Pradco was held to strategize plans for the Cleveland Regional meeting, tentatively scheduled for September 25, 2018.

Advanced Manufacturing NASA Tech Connect Project Updated

May 10, 2018

The event date was moved to June 27, 2018, and will be held in America Makes Facilities in Youngstown, Ohio. This project is aligned with the new Advanced Manufacturing embedded initiative of Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) to Manufacturing USA-America Makes Institute. America Makes is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, also known as Manufacturing USA. Manufacturing USA is a network partnership between industry, academia and federal entities with the aim to promote a robust and sustainable national manufacturing R&D infrastructure, and to increase the nation’s global economic competitiveness. This project will serve companies located in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Catalyst Connection and MAGNET are the lead MEP for Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively. We have received four full and two partial applications from Pennsylvania companies.

NASA Water Initiative Summit at Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) March 21 – 22, 2018

April 12, 2018

The NASA Glenn Regional Economic Development (RED) team in partnership with the Cleveland Water Alliance, The Water Council (Milwaukee), Cleveland based MEP, MAGNET, Milwaukee-based MEP, WMEP, and OAI held a successful tech connect event on March 21. Welcome remarks were given by Jeff Rolf, OAI, President, and John Sankovic, Ph.D., NASA Glenn Research Center, Chief Technologist. Companies receiving subject matter expertise consultations included Grande Cheese, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Vortex Companies, LLC, Houston, Texas; LimnoTech, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oatey Supply Chain Services, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Facilitation was provided by Herb Hannam and Roger Gehring, WMEP; Joe Vinciquerra, and Mike Pintz, MAGNET, and Eric Baumann, GRC RED team. Glenn subject matter experts included Tom Doehne, Mike Krasowski, Larry Greer, Norm Prokop, Michael Hicks, Isaiah Blankson, Ray Wade, Marisabel Kelly, and William Meyer. The purpose of the tech connect event was to provide consultations to companies with an in-house challenge requiring a deep-dive look at their problem using the expertise of NASA researchers and physicists. The ultimate goal of RED tech connect events is to assist with regional economic development challenges and the eventual creation of jobs in the Midwest and other regions of the country. This was the first event of this kind to combine companies from four cities, who all have a challenge related to water. LimnoTech manufactures buoys and has a simple vision: do cool (innovative) things in the newly evolving field of environmental engineering, work with good people, and most importantly, help save and protect the water environment. Grande Cheese uses tremendous amounts of water each day in their manufacturing process and is focused on positively impact all areas with which they personally interact: their associates, customers, suppliers, dairies, communities and the environment. Vortex Companies, LLC, deliver advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to cost effectively renew water, sewer, and industrial infrastructure. Since 1916, Oatey Supply Chain Services has provided reliable, high-quality products for the residential and commercial plumbing industries. Oatey operates a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution network to supply more than 6000 products for professional builders, contractors, engineers, and do-it-yourself consumers. A panel discussion/GRC Connections event was held mid-day and included: Bryan Stubbs, Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA); Karen Frost, The Water Council (TWC); Bill Cumbie, Pancopia; Ebie Holst, Splashlink; Diana Hoyt, NASA Headquarters Program executive for Regional Economic Development; Trisha Brown, Great Lakes Biomimicry Institute; and moderator, Linda Fowler, Regionerate, LLC. On March 22, 2018, facility tours were offered to the visiting guests and included the Icing Research Tunnel and the Simulated Lunar Operations Laboratory.

NASA is Seeing RED with Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Cleveland Chapter

March 15, 2018

John Sankovic and Laurie Stauber represented the Agency at the ACG Cleveland chapter quarterly meeting in Cleveland. The ACG is a networking organization comprised of Northeast Ohio (NEO) professionals that engage in middle-market mergers and acquisitions, as well as broader corporate finance. Founded in 1981, the chapter is comprised
of approximately 500 members. The ACG Cleveland and its leadership provide resources and connections necessary to support both the organic and acquisition growth of NEO businesses. John Sankovic spoke about NASA’s efforts to help spark economic growth by catalyzing and supporting the Northeast Ohio ecosystem. Dorothy Baunach, CEO of DigitalC and board member on the Cleveland Water Alliance, spoke about how the Northeast Ohio business community can partner with RED to drive regional economic growth.  Read more at ACG Cleveland’s website by clicking here.

Ohio is Making History Again

March 15, 2018

Cleveland/Chicago Area Past inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders have left big footsteps for us to follow. A couple of Dayton, Ohio siblings, the Wright Brothers giving birth to air travel; Ohio native John Glenn, being the first American to orbit the earth; Ohio native Neil Armstrong, first American to step foot on the moon and now several organizations in Ohio, are working together to be the first Americans to implement a new fifth mode of fast transportation called the Hyperloop. On February 26, 2018, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) unveiled the nation’s first Hyperloop feasibility study conducted in public-private partnership. The first phase of the project will focus in a Cleveland to Chicago corridor. Other phases will add more cities and states within the Midwest region. The HTT came to the region because it’s strong ecosystem in R&D and suppliers, highly educated workforce, and politicians support. This corridor project is unique in a sense that provides an integrated approach of manufacturing supply and mobility (e.g. better access to excellent healthcare in Cleveland). In fact, one-third of freight transportation in the United States is happening in the region. This project, if successful, will change lives in a positive way, and will bring jobs to Ohio.

John Sankovic, Robert Romero, and Francisco Solá attended the ceremony. John Sankovic served as a guest speaker, and talked about NASA GRC capabilities with focus on regional economic development and technology transfer, along with moderating for a Q&A panel. Francisco Solá is leading an effort for a potential collaboration between NASA GRC and HTT.

Advanced Manufacturing NASA Tech Connect Project

November 9, 2017

America Makes, Catalyst Connection, MAGNET, and TechSolve agreed to have an Advanced Manufacturing event tentatively on May 21, 2018. America Makes in Youngstown, Ohio, is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, also known as Manufacturing USA. America Makes focuses in 3D printing, and is currently operating in the sustainability phase. Manufacturing USA is a network partnership between industry, academia, and federal entities with the aim to promote a robust and sustainable national manufacturing R&D infrastructure, and to increase the nation’s global economic competitiveness. This project will serve companies located in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Catalyst Connection, MAGNET, and TechSolve are our Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) collaborators for this project. Catalyst Connection and MAGNET will serve as the lead MEP for Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively and will be lead by RED Specialist, Francisco Solá-Lopez.

Annual RED Report Released

February 12, 2018

The NASA Glenn Research Center’s Regional Economic Development (RED) initiative is pleased to present our annual accomplishment report for 2017 (click to view report ) Annual Report – GRC 2017

The Glenn Research Center Regional Economic Development (RED) program seeks to establish regional partnerships with external organizations that lead to economic development by the private sector in business sectors of critical importance to the region and the Nation. RED’s goal is to create jobs, new technologies and products, and new and expanded supply chains for NASA; and to increase, in measurable ways, the commercialization and deployment of NASA developed technology.

Water Council (TWC) of Milwaukee Updates Space Act Agreement

October 15, 2017

The Water Council of Milwaukee has signed the non-reimbursable space act agreement allowing the organizations to form the first ever Regional Economic Development Tech Connect event based on water technologies. Up to four companies will be selected by the Water Council and the Wisconsin MEP to participate in the consultation sessions with Glenn subject matter experts providing solutions to technical challenges written by companies from the Wisconsin area. The event is scheduled to be held on March 21, 2018 at the Ohio Aerospace Institute.

Gotta Groove Records

October 10, 2017

Laurie Stauber – RED Midwest Manager, recently an update on Gotta Groove Records, a GRC RED Adopt-A-City success story was released.  Please visit the link to view the video.

FireDex – An Akron/Canton Roadshow Company Experiences Growth

September 26, 2017

Laurie Stauber – RED Midwest Manager has learned that FireDex, an Akron/Canton Roadshow participant has experienced growth.  Although the growth of the company was not related to the roadshow, an interview will be scheduled to capture the comments of FireDex relating to their consultation with GRC and Johnson Space Center subject matter experts, working towards success story development. To read more about FireDex, please visit the article at

RED – Aerozone Alliance

September 26, 2017

The announcement of the Aerozone Alliance partnership being made at the Ohio Aerospace Institute has been noted by Laurie Stauber – RED Midwest Manager – Agency Water Initiative .  The mission of the Aerozone Alliance is to create a world-class innovation hub.  Attracting more smart jobs and greater capital investment, the effort capitalizes on the unique strength of a 15.5 mile district to create RED.  The Aerozone Alliance comprises a strong group of partners committed to driving multi-jurisdictional regional collaboration and includes:  Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cities of Berea, Brook Park, Cleveland; Fairview Park; and North Olmsted.  Together, members of the Aerozone Alliance have the capacity to invite, incite, and incubate everything from promising high-tech start-ups to mature companies in a growth mode.  This Alliance is creating the Midwest’s newest innovation zone.  Drawing on such world-class amenities as the nearby International Exposition Center, Cleveland Metroparks, railroad access, retail transit directly to downtown Cleveland, hospitality resources and dynamic living choices, and the Aerozone Alliance is creating the conditions for a thriving live, work, and play district.  Visit the Aerozone Alliance at