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What is Strategic Technology Partnerships                                                                                                         

NASA Glenn Research Center’s Strategic Technology Partnership (STP) Initiative seeks to establish regional partnerships with external organizations that lead to economic development by the private sector in business sectors of critical importance to the region of interest and the Nation.

STP actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with industry partners. Through these collaborative partnerships, we ensure NASA capabilities and expertise are utilized to help create innovative research and engineering solutions to the toughest technical challenges.

STP  is currently seeking unconventional partnerships in an effort to identify opportunities for technology “spin in” that can address NASA missions and gaps in our technology portfolio.

Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect Event

Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect 2018

Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect Event
2018 Annual Excellence Award from The Ohio Economic Development Association

L to R: Program Manager, GRC/Laurie Stauber of Code TI and Headquarters Program Executive, Diana Hoyt except the 2018 Annual Excellence Award from The Ohio Economic Development Association.

2018 Annual Excellence Award from The Ohio Economic Development Association
FilterQueen® Defender® production line

Testing station on the FilterQueen® Defender® production line. Courtesy of Health-Mor.

FilterQueen® Defender® production line


Technical Challenge Breakout Session

R to L: Breakout session for the 2018 Northeast Ohio Energy Tech Connect event technical challenge being discussed by NASA Glenn’s STP Innovative Partner Specialist, Tom Doehne; TeamNEO’s Senior Director, Industry and Innovation, Bill Hagstrand; NASA Glenn Research Engineer Subject Matter Expert, Tom Miller; and Beckett Energy’s team.

Technical Challenge Breakout Session
Skyson, LLC, Bay Village, OH Ganged Heliostat Solar Collector

“The collaboration with NASA through the Adopt-a-City Program not only helped prove our product’s durability, but also contributed to our technology’s adoption. The NASA consultation demonstrated the method is sound, but just as important, the consultation put us on the map. NASA research findings provide validation that money just can’t buy.” –Jim Clair, Founder of Skysun

Skyson, LLC, Bay Village, OH Ganged Heliostat Solar Collector

Additive Engineering Solutions of Akron Ohio’s President Austin Schmidt with Francisco Solá-Lopez of NASA GRC

AquaHacking 2016 Montreal, Quebec, CA

ErieHack – L to R: M. Warming of Danfoss, L. Stauber Midwest Lead, Regional Economic Development Initiative / Agency Water Lead, and B. Kwiat with ATS at NASA GRC


How We Do It                                                                                                                                                       

Technology Roadshow


NASA GRC’s Technology Roadshow provides unique access to the expertise of NASA researchers and technologists. Companies receive the dedicated time of NASA’s world-recognized subject matter experts committed to helping them solve complex technological challenges related to a specific product or within their manufacturing operations



NASA Tech Connect


Connecting companies with NASA experts for innovative technical solutions An expansion of the Technology Roadshow, NASA Tech Connect provides an opportunity for companies to receive up to 40 hours of technical assistance from NASA experts.


Adopt A City


A collaboration between NASA Glenn, The City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET), this program helps manufacturers who are facing challenges with their products and processes. Companies receive the support of NASA Glenn experts as well as access to low-interest loans provided by the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.


Why STP                                                                                                                                                               

Through collaborations with our regional partners we strive to:

      • Positively impact private sector job creation and retention
      • Increase private sector revenue from new and improved product offerings
      • Increase public and private sector investments in technology and manufacturing

Regional Collaborations & Partnerships

      • Through the STP program, NASA engages in regional collaboration and partnership building in an effort to share its expertise with businesses and to participate in regional technology innovation clusters that are in place across the country.

Partnership opportunities include:

      • Access to NASA’s growing portfolio of intellectual property
      • Access to world-class Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
      • Utilization of unique facilities and test services
      • Opportunities for joint research, development, test and evaluation efforts