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Glenn Research Center

Program Overview

The Glenn Research Center has transitioned to using the Pathways Program. The new programs (established in 2012) offer three types of employment opportunities to pursue a career in the government and at NASA. The first, for current students, will be similar to a co-op or federal internship. This is the NASA Pathways Intern Experience Program. The second program is offered for recent graduates (within the last two years of receiving a degree) and it is called the NASA Pathways Recent Graduate Program. The third is for qualifying individuals in an advanced degree program, or recently graduated from an advanced degree program and it is through the Presidential Management Fellowship Program. All of these new programs combine a student’s academic study (current or past) with a paid career-related work experience.

The NASA Pathways Interns Programs consist of a series of planned work assignments combined with alternative periods of academic study in the science, engineering, professional administration, and some trade fields. Pathways Interns are referred to as Student Trainees, and will work under the guidance of qualified personnel performing duties directly related to the field for which they are being trained. While successful completion of the Pathways program (and graduation from their educational program) are prerequisites for conversion to a career position, they do not necessarily guarantee such an appointment.

The NASA Pathways Recent Graduate Program consists of a one year full-time work assignment combined with training. After the one year term is completed, the Recent Graduate may be eligible to convert to a career position, but is not necessarily guaranteed such an appointment.

For additional information on the Pathways Programs, visit the Pathways Programs at NASA or you can check out the website GoGovernment which will explain some of the great benefits of working for the federal government. To find open positions, you can search for student jobs at the USAJOBS website.

 *Note- As soon as opportunities are available, they will be posted on

To find available openings, you can do this search on USA Jobs or perform a search for “glenn pathways” at the USAJOBS website and you will see any open recent graduate positions, along with Pathways intern positions in various disciplines. If you do not see a position, you may check back or use the “Job Notification Service” tool to be notified whenever new positions are opened.

Please check USAJOBS for all new NASA Glenn Research Center Pathways Job Announcements, which will indicate the opportunity to apply. You can click the “How to Apply” tab for additional information and help on usajobs.