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Extreme Environments Test Cell visualization

This visualization shows the chamber from several camera angles and the operation of the chamber door.

Extreme Environments Test Cell visualization

Aeronautics Test Program (ATP) Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) Visualization

This ATP visualization is a custom-developed interactive 3D Virtual Reality experience simulating the GRC Propulsion Systems Laboratory’s new altitude engine icing capabilities.

Simulation of test facility that can created ice inside engines


Interactive Visualization Engine for SysML Tools ( InVEST )

The GVIS is supporting the work of Katie Trase, of NASA Glenn’s Power Architecture and Analysis Branch, to create a tool that generates customizable, interactive visualizations ( “dashboards” ) of SysML models.


Projection Augmented Reality for Water Table

The GVIS is supporting the work of Vik Shyam and Sameer Kulkarni, of NASA Glenn’s Turbomachinery and Turboelectric Systems Branch, by using projection augmented reality to display water pressures directly on the water surface in real-time.

Augmented reality projection of pressure data on the water surface
Augmented reality projection of pressure data on the water surface

Space Fire Prevention (SFP) μG Smoke Visualization

Realistic 3D computational visualizations were developed to investigate spacecraft fire conditions.

Smoke visualization on the International Space Station

Aeronautics Test Program (ATP) Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) Visualization

The ATPView Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) visualization simulates a test run in a wind tunnel where pressure sensitive paint is being used to measure air pressure on a test article.

Simulation of pressure sensitive paint capability in a wind tunnel

Virtual Fuel Cell

This virtual fuel cell interactive simulation focuses on the flows of the various elements into, out of, and through the system.

Fuel Cell UI

Fuel Cell UI

Virtual Stirling Engine

A realistic and interactive 3D Stirling Engine was modeled for customer outreach and educational purposes.

Virtual Stirling Engine Simulation