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IBM Fellow, Shiv Vaithyanathan, Gives Presentation at NASA Glenn

On September 13, 2016, Shiv Vaithyanathan, an IBM Fellow and Senior Manager, Cognitive Computing at IBM, gave a presentation on Machine Learning to the Center. The talk was coordinated by the NASA Glenn Scientific Computing and Visualization Team, with the help of Doug Meil, the Organizer of the Cleveland Big Data and Hadoop User Group. The talk is […]

Goodbye lunch for Pathways Intern, Maggie Howell

The GVIS Team and its sister Team, the Scientific Computing Team, were honored to have Maggie Howell, a graduate student from the University of North Carolina, be part of the Team for the past three months. During her time, Maggie worked on raising awareness of scientific data management and also developed some advanced visualizations of […]

GVIS Lab to Develop HoloLens Applications

In collaboration with NASA’s Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) project, the Lab will be developing HoloLens-based collaborative applications for use in aeronautics research and engineering work. The Lab received two HoloLens devices this week. The solutions developed will also be useful for any NASA collaboration efforts.

New Video Highlighting Work of GVIS Team

The GVIS Lab has created a new video showing examples of some of their visualization work. The video also includes the work of the GVIS Lab’s parent Team, the Scientific Computing and Visualization Team.

Collaboration with Center for Neurological Restoration at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation

NASA Glenn Research Center’s Reconfigurable User-interface & Virtual Reality Exploration (GRUVE) Lab and the Graphics and Visualization (GVIS) Team will be supporting a study by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Neurological Restoration to use virtual reality to activate the mirror neuron networks in the brains of autistic adults.  The study’s goal is to develop techniques […]

Trice Medical Space Act Agreement

Trice Medical, a biomedical startup company in King of Prussia, PA, has signed a Space Act Agreement with the NASA Glenn Research Center. The Center’s GVIS Lab will be providing image processing services and technologies.

NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill

The GVIS Lab created a STARC (Single-Aisle Turboelectric) hybrid-electric interactive Oculus Rift visualization that was used at NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill.

GVIS Team Organizes Biomimicry Presentation

The GVIS Team organized a presentation by a computer science professor, Dr. Marc Kirschenbaum,  from John Carroll University. The talk, Biomimicry: Emergence Oriented Programming – An example of Biomimicry, was attended by approximately 35 people from across the Center. After the talk, the presenter and his colleague, Dr. Dan Palmer, who teaches visualization and game […]

NASA Glenn Scientific Computing and Visualization Team Wins OHTec Award

The Scientific Computing and Visualization Team, which manages the GVIS Lab, was awarded Tech Team of the Year by OHTec at their annual Best of Tech Awards event. OHTec is the primary IT organization in the northeast Ohio area.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History Visit

On April 4, members of the GVIS Team gave a tour to the curator and head of Paleoecology and Paleobotany of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH), Dr. Denise Su. CMNH is interested in innovative ways to present visual information to its visitors and also making more use of visualization in their work.