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New Virtual Lab Improves Quality

Ford has a created a virtual lab for improving their design and quality. Ford designers and engineers around the world work together virtually on the the design of products. By using this technology, designers and engineers can quickly transition from one car design proposal to another, and they can study and identify which is the best […]

Interactive 3D Content for the Web Made Easy Follow this link for some ways to put 3D content on the Web. Included are links to sites that make it easy to share 3D models.

Sony’s Magic Lab Partners with NASA to Bring Space Exploration to PS4

Magic Lab has a partnership with NASA and JPL–Caltech to look into how the Play Station 4 (PS4) can be used to help players feel like they’re exploring space with NASA. This video also mentions more about the NASA partnership.  

Nanocubes: Fast Visualization of Large Spatiotemporal Datasets

Nanocubes are a fast datastructure for in-memory data cubes developed at the Information Visualization department at AT&T Labs Research. Nanocubes can be used to explore datasets with billions of elements at interactive rates in a web browser. In some cases, a nanocube uses sufficiently little memory that it can be run on a modern-day laptop.

Visual arts professor conducts demo on 3-D imaging software for classroom

Anna Ursyn, a professor of visual arts at the University of Northern Colorado, presented a demonstration of zSpace at Guggenheim Hall (on the UNC campus) Wednesday. She called it a “desktop cave” where creative ideas become three-dimensional.

If you’re considering a video card upgrade, look at your monitor first GPUs get faster and faster with each generation. Now they are at the point where they no longer give a benefit to certain monitors.

An Interview with Sebastien Kuntz, CEO of “I’m in VR”

Follow this kink for an interesting interview with someone who has been working in the VR field for a long time.

A Gestural Interface for Smart Watches

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Davis are developing a tiny chip that uses ultrasound waves to detect a slew of gestures in three dimensions. The chip could be implanted in wearable gadgets.

Kinect Powerglove Hack Allows for Free-Space Navigation and 3D Modeling

The article describes a free-space 3D modeling tool that uses the Kinect camera to track a user’s hands and set depth and spatial relation for gestures and combines that with two Arduino-powered gloves. The gloves’ fingertips have electrodes on them that can send signals to the computer and tell it which fingers are touching—something that […]

Paper: Navigation in Virtual Reality Using Microsoft Kinect

This paper describes the use of Kinects in VR so that gestures and movements of the user enable a totally free and intuitive navigation and control of the system . They also discuss other methods of interaction in VR.