National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center


Here are some testimonials from past and current GVIS customers:

Chris Lant, confocal microscopy researcher from NASA Glenn

“I was quite impressed, … it can be a valuable tool to view and interrogate complex 3D image sets. …, I was … able to easily see image changes as a function of probe depth into our turbid sample, making especially clear the effects of particle settling and aggregation”.

Dr. Michael J. Oliver, Aerospace Research Engineer, Engine Icing NASA Glenn Research Center, Icing Branch

“I can attest to this directly. When Administrator Bolden came to tour the PSL Ice Crystal Icing Facility last year he was asking lots of questions and had a great understanding of the problem we were trying to investigate–but you could tell he just could not wrap his mind around how exactly the PSL facility fit into the mix. When he saw the visualization that Rich Rinehart and his team created–it took him about 10 seconds and he turned, looked to us and said –I got it and this is incredible!!! I don’t know what better proof you can have than when the head of NASA benefits directly from your hard work and efforts!! Keep up the great work and I hope more folks use your teams talent!!!”

Stephen M. Helland, Ground Test Project Manager, Aeronautics Test Program, ARMD

“As a past and current customer, I hope the GVIS lab continues to re-invent itself and expand its marketability during challenging times. The 3D PSL Icing and the evolving 3D Pressure Sensitive Paint videos are two examples of visually representing test techniques we invest in our facilities. They brought the technology to life beyond a 2D and even a 3D poster and even helped Administrator Bolden really understand the PSL Icing Capability by saying “Now I get it!.””