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The Graphics & Visualization (GVIS) Lab provides specialized services, expertise, and facilities for the visualization of scientific data, engineering analyses, and mission scenarios.

As researchers conduct more and more experiments by computer simulation instead of in traditional laboratories or wind tunnels, scientific visualization of the numerical results has become a powerful and necessary research tool. Similarly, engineers and mission planning specialists use visualizations to study the details of an orbital rendezvous, the assembly of new space craft, or the testing of a rocket engine in one of NASA Glenn’s facilities.

The GVIS Lab staff works with scientists and engineers to produce custom graphics applications, animations, or multi-media presentations of their projects. Projects can also take advantage of the Lab’s many advanced display devices, such as stereoscopic 3D projectors and monitors, or be adapted for the GRUVE Lab, NASA Glenn’s fully immersive, large-screen Virtual Reality facility.

Many of the projects utilize the Advanced Computational Concepts Lab (ACCL), Glenn’s high-performance computing facility, which is tightly integrated with the visualization equipment in the GVIS Lab.

Finally, because the images created by the GVIS Lab are often beautiful, exciting, and inspiring representations of NASA’s research, the lab provides a variety of ways to support outreach, education, public awareness, and program advocacy. Please visit our Galleries for examples of past GVIS Lab projects.

The GVIS team is part of the Information & Applications Office(internal link), led by Tony Facca under the direction of the NASA Glenn Office of the Chief Information Officer(internal link), whose CIO is Sean Gallagher.

Lauren McIntyre, Drayton Munster, Calvin Robinson, Brian Sommers, Paul Catalano, Tad Kollar, Rich Rinehart, Herb Schilling, Brian Tomko

GVIS Team Staff
Team Member Title Expertise
Paul Catalano Graphics Application Developer Interactive, immersive 3D visualizations and simulations
Tad Kollar HPC System Administrator and Graphics Application Developer High Performance Computing Systems, visualizations, and simulations
Lauren McIntyre Computer Researcher and Developer Scientific computing and applications, algorithms, numerical methods, and software engineering
Drayton Munster Computer Researcher and Developer Numerical methods, scientific computing, Web-based visualization
Rich Rinehart GVIS Implementation Manager 3D scientific immersive systems and technical outreach exhibits
Calvin Robinson Computer Researcher and Developer Programming support software for graphics and visualization projects. Installing software and bringing data into the GRUVE Lab.
Herb Schilling Computer Scientist Scientific computing, image processing, programming (Python, C, Fortran), Team Lead
Brian Sommers Researcher & Developer Using tools to create graphics and GVIS Web site maintainer
Brian Tomko Computer Scientist/Engineer Programming software for graphics and visualization projects