National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Data Science and Data Management internship

The NASA Glenn Research Center’s Scientific Computing and Visualization team has an opportunity for applying data science and data management to solve advanced research and engineering challenges. The typical approach requires developing some combination of: 1.) Exploratory analysis for better understanding 2.) Modeling and visualization 3.) Packaging (1) and (2) to allow reproducible research The objective is to use the above approaches, if applicable, to develop solutions in any of the following areas: 1.) Solar array performance 2.) Arc analysis 3.) Condition based maintenance.

Expected outcomes include a final report and presentation detailing challenge addressed, success criteria, the approach taken, results, and lessons learned.

Student must be proficient with programming (e.g. variables, control flow, functions, etc.) and Computer Science concepts (i.e. data structures, algorithms). Other desirable skills include Jupyter notebooks, statistical and machine learning, Docker, and Pachyderm.

The opportunity is posted here

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Notice the application deadline is March 1!

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