National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Scientific Computing and Visualization Team Summer 2017 Students

The Scientific Computing and Visualization Team was honored to have another fantastic group of students this summer. They ranged from high school sophomores to a grad student working on his PhD. They worked on machine learning, data analysis, data management, Web apps for experimental data analysis, statistics, applied math, virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling and animation, Web-based VR and 360 images, gestural interfaces, Raspberry Pi’s, and more! Their work was applied to space communication, acoustics, rotorcraft health maintenance, engine icing, solar cells, and collaborative CAD for aeronautics.

We had a tough time getting everyone available for one group photo so we had to do two! See below for the photos. The bolded names in the caption are Scientific Computing and Visualization Team interns.

Thanks to all the students who made this another memorable and productive summer.

From left to right: Brian Tomko, Herb Schilling, Paul Catalano, Rich Rinehart, Brian Sommers, Stuart Collins, Brooke Weborg, Matt Drnevich, Calvin Robinson, Tyler Cody, Chika Cosmas, Andrew Liu (on rock), Matt Rastovac, Maia Dupree, Emily Mathur, Charity Sotero, Julia Javorsky, Mandy Huynh, Rebecca Oet, Melissa Kazazic.

From left to right: Stuart Collins, Brian Sommers, Tyler Cody, Herb Schilling, Calvin Robinson, Tony Facca, Matt Rastovac, Drayton Munster, Matt Drnevich, Sam Maphey, Karrine Dawson, Chika Cosmas, Lauren McIntyre, David Gibson, Emily Mathur, Charity Sotero, Maia Dupree, Julia Javorsky, Mandy Huynh, Melissa Kazazic, Rebecca Oet