At the upper right is the instruction "Enter Species Name:", followed by an empty text input box. Below this is the title "Atom Names and Numbers" and the instruction "(Enter pairs of name <CR> number <CR>)", followed by an empty scrollable list box. Next is the title "T, Cp Data" and the instruction "(Enter 3 lines of T, Cp for first interval, 2 lines for each additional interval)", again followed by an empty scrollable list box. Following this are three text input boxes, each containing the value 0., with, respectively, the instructions "Enter Molecular Weight:", "Enter Heat of Formation:", and "Enter Cp, Hfo Conversion Factor:".

At the upper left of the window are four buttons, labeled "Read Data File", "Generate Curve Fit", "Plot Controls", and "Exit Cp Curve Fit Manager".

Last updated 6 May 2003