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Computing the Reynolds Number

In the b4wind main menu, select "Compute Reynolds number" for an easy way to compute the Reynold Number. When you click the Ok button a self-documented panel comes up. The definitions and equations are the same as presented in the section on Dimensional Units and Reference Values; however all of this information can be obtained from the GUI by clicking a value and reading the Help Box. This GUI can also be used for unit conversion. For example, if you click the Newtons and m radio buttons and enter 1.0 for pRef; then click the lbf and in radio buttons, you find that 1 Newton/m2 is 0.00014504 lbf/in2. Or, you can discover that at 3.2215 °R that aRef is 60 mi/hr or 88 ft/sec. Have fun.

Last updated 5 May 2003