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RESTART | START - Begin run in specified zone

{START | RESTART} [zone [plane]]

This keyword allows the user to specify the zone (and plane, for a marching solution) in which the solution will start (or restart) when running in single-processor mode. In parallel mode, the starting zone number is automatically set to 1.

In both single-processor and parallel modes, if this keyword is not used, Wind-US checks for the existence of a flow (.cfl) file. If one exists, the solution will be restarted using the values in the .cfl file as initial conditions. If a .cfl file does not exist, Wind-US will create and initialize one.

    zone   First zone entered. If not specified, the solution will begin in the zone after the last successfully completed zone. However, if Global Newton iteration is being used, the solution must start in zone 1, and specification of a zone value other than 1 is not allowed.
plane i-plane to start/restart solution when running in PNS marching mode. If omitted, Wind-US will automatically start at the next i-plane after the last one completed.

Last updated 18 Sept 2001