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HOLD - Hold conditions at freestream inflow boundaries


Specifying HOLD TOTALS indicates that total conditions are to be held constant at freestream boundaries with inflow. Specifying HOLD CHARACTERISTICS indicates that characteristic values are to be held constant. Note that the total pressure is always held fixed at freestream inflow boundaries, whether HOLD TOTALS is specified or not. The option specified will be applied at all the freestream boundaries in the specified zone(s).


Note that the HOLD keyword only applies to freestream boundaries with subsonic inflow. See the HOLD_TOTALS keyword in the ARBITRARY INFLOW keyword block for information on holding total conditions at arbitrary inflow boundaries.

Note also that the syntax is slightly different for freestream and arbitrary inflow boundaries. For freestream boundaries, HOLD TOTALS and HOLD CHARACTERISTICS are used, without an underscore. For arbitrary inflow boundaries, HOLD_TOTALS and HOLD_CHARACTERISTICS are used in the ARBITRARY INFLOW keyword block, with an underscore.

Last updated 1 Apr 2016