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FIXED_CL - Fixed CL computation

FIXED_CL cltarg [DALIM dalim] [RELAX rlxalph] [FREQENCY alfafreq] \
   [HISTORY {ON|OFF}] [START [AT] istart]

This keyword may be used to vary the angle of attack to obtain a specified lift coefficient for surface(s) defined by the SURFACE and/or SUBSET keywords (with FORCE specified) in the LOADS keyword block. Note that the specified lift coefficient is the total for all surfaces combined.

    cltarg   The desired lift coefficient. The default is 0.0.
dalim Limit in the angle of attack change allowed each update (degrees). The default is 0.2 degrees.
rlxalph Relaxation parameter. The default is 1.0, for no relaxation.
alfafreq Update frequency, in cycles. The default is 1, to update every cycle.
istart Starting cycle. The default is 1, to start on the first cycle.

By default, the angle of attack changes are written to the .lis file. Specifying HISTORY OFF will prevent this.

See Also: LOADS, TEST 11

Last updated 8 Dec 2006