At the top of the window is the text "Current working file:", followed by the full path name for the file.

Next is a text box labeled "Quality Object name:". To the right of the text box is a buttone labeled "Pick Object".

Next is a dropdown menu labeled "Active Quality Metric:", with the entry "NONE" displayed. To the right the display of metric values is "Min: none", "Average: none", and "Max: none".

Below is the heading "Metric Subrange For Display:", followed by two text boxes labeled "Lower Bound:" and "Upper Bound:", both containing the word "none".

Next is the heading "Quality Display Mode:", followed by three radio buttons, labeled "Wireframe", "HiddenLine", and "Solid Panels".

A dropdown menu is next, labeled "Shrink Factor:", with the entry "0.9" shown.

Below this is the heading "Draw Markers At Points:", followed by two radio buttons labeled "Draw Markers" and "Do NOT Draw Markers".

At the bottom are "Display Subset" and "Cancel" buttons.

Last updated 19 July 2007