The left part of the figure shows the boundaries of a computational domain around a two-dimensional airfoil. There are four curves, as follows:

  1. An "extended" semi-circle, forming the upper, upstream, and lower outer boundary
  2. The airfoil surface, including the wake cut
  3. The upper half of the downstream boundary
  4. The lower half of the downstream boundary

Circles are drawn at the points defining the curves. The "outer boundary" and "airfoil surface" curves have the same number of points, as do the two downstream boundary curves.

The TFI-generated grid is shown in the right part of the figure. "Radial" grid lines connect the points on the "outer boundary" and "airfoil surface" curves, and "circumferential" grid lines wrap around the airfoil to connect the points on the upper and lower halves of the downstream boundary.

Last updated 2 Apr 2003